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Academic Letter

Last Updated: 10/25/2021 4:57 PM

Check Out Our Academic Letter Program
It is our hope that all our students give back to their community, while continuing to stay engaged and present in school. This is why we designed the Academic Letter Program 10 years ago, we felt compelled to recognize students who have exceptional grades, outstanding attendance, impressive community service work, and high-quality leadership traits that make them an exemplar within the school. Students who meet all the requirements are awarded an academic letter– similar to what athletes receive for earning a varsity letter.

Each year after, repeat winners will receive a “knowledge” lamp pin to put on their academic letter. This is a great opportunity to recognize students who go above and beyond in their academics, leadership, and service. We are continually impressed with the work our amazing students do to better themselves, our school, and the
community. We are excited to see which students will take on the challenge this year.

To be recognized in the Academic Letter Program:

  • Students need to have a 3.5 GPA or higher, no discipline referrals, and no more than three excused absences. (Unexcused absences are not accepted.)
  • Students need to complete 30 hours of community service before the beginning of the fourth nine weeks. We encourage students to complete 10 hours of community service each nine weeks; however, there is no time frame in which students must complete their 30-hour requirement.
    • Students should pick up a community service form in the main office (or download it from the Guidance section of our website). This form will be used to record service hours. Summer community service hours will be accepted.

Students should turn in their completed community service forms into the main office or their assistant principal, who will check their discipline history, attendance, grades, and verify their community service.