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3D Printing

Last Updated: 10/21/2019 8:24 PM

3D Printing Directions and Tutorials


I want to design my OWN thing:

1. Go to and create an account. Be sure to UNCHECK the box if you do NOT want to receive marketing emails. 

2. You can go through the TinkerCad tutorials or watch the video below to get started.

​3. Save your design as a .STL file and download to your drive account. 

​4. ​Share the .STL file with Mrs. Keister.

NOTE: The print bed is 120mm x 120mm x 120mm. Larger prints will need to be scaled.

I want to print someone else's thing:

1. Go to and search for something print.

2. Click on Download all files.

​3. Share the .STL file with Mrs. Keister.