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Developing Questions

Last Updated: 10/21/2019 8:26 PM

What does a "good" research question look like?

Developing a research question can be the toughest and most rewarding part of the research. Get it right and the whole project flows together. If your question is too vague or too detailed you won't be able to answer it! Use these resources to learn what a good research question looks like and how you can create your own.


These videos walk you through the reasons to develop a good question and what a good question might look like. Below are documents and links to help when you are ready to turn your own topic into a research question!


Help me get started....

This document gives you some question starters as well as finished examples from social studies and language arts. You won't necessarily come up with a question for each starter depending on your topic. Try it! Bring your results to your teacher or librarian for feedback. 

Download Brainstormer doc

Picture of Brainstormer document


More Resources
​INFOhio has some great resources to help you think through your question and organize your topics. Start under the "ASK" column. 

Try this question generator from Think Tank to find the right angle or twist to take on your topic. 

THINK TANK (You'll need to click on the arrow marked "begin")