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Gifted Resources for Parents

Last Updated: 7/28/2019 11:40 PM

Gifted parent resources

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National Association for Gifted Children

Ohio Association for Gifted Children

Ohio Department of Education - Gifted Education Web Page

Davidson Institute Supporting Our Nation's Brightest Young Minds With Free Support Services

SENG - Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted

Dr. Sylvia Rimm's Articles for Parents
Dr. Rimm is a psychologist, director of Family Achievement Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, and is a clinical professor at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine. She is also a well-known author, speaker, columnist, parenting specialist, and gifted children advocate. 

Meeting the Needs of Twice-Exceptional (2E) Children:  Tips for Parents
"Many highly gifted children have other special needs -- learning disabilities, ADHD, Asperger Syndrome, sensory integration disorder, etc. This can be very challenging, both in terms of identification (since gifted children can often use the giftedness to partially compensate for the special need, making it both giftedness and special needs harder to discover), and in terms of finding ways to address both the gifted and special needs sides of the child adequately." ​
Very Well Website "Gifted Kids - Highly intelligent and unique children may require more attention to help foster their gifts. Learn how to promote and nurture them with these tips and strategies."

 Asynchronous Development - When development occurs out of sync and at different stages.​​

Family Education - Time Management Tips for Gifted Students

Teach Your Child To Think And Make Parenting Fun Again  "Your child is arguing with you again. You pause for a moment, consult your child owner’s manual you always keep nearby on the coffee table and quickly solve the . . . What! You awake from this dream and realize there is no owner’s manual! You never received one! As a parent, are you both thankful and frustrated with the high abilities of your child? Have you often wondered how others deal with intensity, perfection, and verbal, verbal, verbal children? If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Parenting is a tough job. How you react to your child’s problems is important......."

The Gifted Guru Resources, Ideas, and Tips for Parents & Educators of the Gifted

Byrdseed is all about a better understanding of our gifted learners. Learn how to differentiate lessons, teach across the content areas, and appreciate gifted kids’ unique social and emotional needs.

GT World - A s
upport community for parents of gifted and talented children.

Hoagies Gifted Website - Welcome to Hoagies' Gifted Education Page, the all-things-gifted resource that you've been searching for. Hoagies' Gifted Education Page offers resources, articles, books, and links for Parents, for Educators, Counselors, Administrators and other Professionals, and for Kids & Teens. Pick your entrance, but investigate them all!

Conversation Pieces - So many students are ready for more challenges, and this site offers a wealth of resources to meet their needs.  Free book quizzes, vocabulary quizzes, interactive math problems, and writing topics are all ready-to-use and include recognition for high-performing students.

Gifted Sources - This website offers links to some of the best sites on the World Wide Web. All of the sites are monitored and appropriate for students.

Storybird - 
Students can write their own stories and add (already made) illustrations to produce an online book. There are public and private settings, so the online books could be viewed by parents who would have the opportunity to even download or purchase a paperback or hardback copy.

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