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CARE Teams & Family Support Specialists

Louisville City Schools are a member of the Stark County CARE Team initiative. This initiative brings together teachers, administrators, counselors, and representatives from numerous social service agencies in an effort to brainstorm ways to support struggling students and their families.

Schools that provide this kind of support have more resources and earlier access to prevention and intervention. This leads to higher attendance rates and overall higher academic success.

Our CARE teams provide clothing, community agency referrals, food, health and hygiene products, holiday assistance, mentoring of parents and students, shelter, and many other social and emotional supports.

Our schools have partnered with the United Way of Stark County to provide a Family Support Specialist (FSS) to work alongside an CARE team at each school.

How can the CARE team help my child or family?

If you or your child would benefit from our CARE-team support, reach out to your child's principal. (Their contact information is listed to the right.) However, students and families can be referred to the CARE team by school counselors, teachers, administrators, and/or community members.

Student and family information will remain confidential under FERPA and HIPPA laws.

How can family support specialists help my child or family?

We have a Weekend Backpack Program. This program provides two breakfast, two lunch, and two snack items for your child each weekend. There are no qualifications. If you would like to be part of this program, please contact our family support specialists. (Their contact information is listed to the right.)

How can I support and contribute to the work the CARE team and support specialists do?

If you would like to donate (monetarily, food, or clothing), please reach out to one of our building principals. (Their contact information is listed to the right.)

Melanie Davis
North Nim Principal

Sara Corona
North Nim Family Support Specialist

Mike Norris
LES Principal

Rhonda McQuilkin
LES Family Support Specialist

Jason Orin
LMS Principal

Garry Tausch
LHS Principal

Tiffany Rogers
LMS/LHS Family Support Specialist